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Getting back into education:

Prepare, Focus, Progress.

Our Access to Higher Education courses are ideal for those who have taken a break from their education or if you are thinking of a new pathway in your career or your studies

The range of courses below are delivered over a period of one academic year. They provide an intensive overview of the subject alongside the skills you'll need to prepare yourself for university level study. The qualification gained is widely recognised by universities and is the equivalent of studying three A-levels.

Classroom and Online Courses available


Many of our courses are delivered on-site, in a traditional classroom/laboratory/workshop setting. This gives you regular face-to-face contact with their tutors, and access to all the great college facilities and amenities. These courses are taught part-time over two or three days per week in college, and require 30 hours a week study commitment. This is a great option for those in part time employment, or those who have other commitments, such as childcare. 

Online/Classroom (Blended)

Our Access to Humanities course is now being delivered through a combination of two remote, online classes in the evenings each week, alongside a one Saturday per term face-to-face lesson in college. This online course also requires a commitment of 30 hours a week for study time. The course can provide flexibility, help you develop your independence and still provide you with the tutor support and guidance you need to help you progress to Higher Education with confidence. 


Below you can find a list of all our Access to Higher Education courses. 

Select a course to find out more about what it can offer you. 

Our computing qualification has been designed  to give you an understanding of four broad streams, each of which is taught by a subject specialist.

Units focus on business information systems and commonly used applications, programming, networking. The final suite of units will provide you with academic skills to prepare you for studying at higher education.

The course will seek to develop you as an independent, confident individual and will look to give you skills that support your progression to HE.

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The engineering qualification has been designed in order to let you pursue your goals at HE level.

This course will seek to develop you as an independent, confident individual and will give you the skills you require to cover all aspects of academic university life. As well as determining where you can go and supporting your progression to HE. 

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This is an intensive yet rewarding course which is intended to provide a qualification equivalent to A-level (level 3). This qualification is recognised by universities as sufficient for entry to healthcare-related degrees such as midwifery, nursing, paramedic science and physiotherapy.

The course has outstanding success rates and is taught by teachers that are positive and passionate about providing the best possible experience and support. There are two subject areas - human physiology and professional health studies & psychology.

Chichester College Group has been awarded outstanding status by Ofstead. The teaching team are highly experienced and specialise in supporting mature students by 100% on-site classroom teaching. Additionally, the vast majority of our students progress to study their degree course of choice at university.

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Our Access to HE Humanities and Social Sciences Diploma will give you an insight into a range of fascinating topics. Such as psychology, sociology and English literature.

You will learn about the human brain and human behaviour based on published psychological research. In sociology, we will use key perspectives to explore the purpose of institutions such as education and religion in society, while the English literature module allows you to analyse different types of text, gaining the core skills you need to excel in this subject.

You will also be developing a wide range of academic study skills on the course, from essay writing to developing computer skills. This will lead you towards the Independent Academic Study unit, where you will have the chance to experience what producing a dissertation will be like if you progress onto a degree level course. 

Lessons will include various different teaching and learning activities and styles, which supports your progression to studying at a higher level. There will be some lecturing, plenty of group and class discussions, as well as individual and group tasks based around problem solving and evaluating the studies, theories and texts you will be learning about. 

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This course will seek to develop you as an independent, confident individual and will give you the skills you require to cover all elements of academic university life.

The science pathway is focused on a career in a generally scientific role. We cover a mix of biology, chemistry and maths, and this course is appropriate for those who want to progress onto a related university level course.  

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Environmental Science is a highly relevant interdisciplinary science option. It is an ideal study for anyone interested in contemporary environmental issues, conservation, environmental management, ecology, systems thinking and sustainability. 

This course will seek to help you develop yourself as an independent, confident individual and will  give you skills that cover all aspects of academic university life.

The Medicine and Medical Science pathway is targeted at those wanting to move on to Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Surgery or other Medical professions such as paramedics or specialist nursing.

This course is co-taught with the Access to HE (Science) cohort, but has a greater emphasis of maths. It has been specifically designed to help transition to Medicine linked courses at HE level.

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This is a one year course to prepare you to embark on a University degree in a range of Humanities courses, including English, History and Philosophy.

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What's next?

Once you have completed an Access to Higher education course with us, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to study at a number of Institutes of Higher Education, on HNC, HND or Degree level pathways.  

All of our Access to Higher Education courses provide you with 60 Credits, 45 of these being from graded units and the remaining 15 from ungraded units. These will count towards your university offers for UCAS points. 

We have a range of Higher Education courses you can study with us, designed to help you progress further in your chosen pathways. If you'd like to find out more, follow the link below to see our range of Higher Education courses that we offer.  

Higher Education

Advanced Learner Loans

Advanced Learner Loans are available to cover the cost of full or part time courses for those aged over 19.

Once you have completed a Higher Education course, your outstanding Advanced Learner Loan balance for an Access to Higher Education course can be written off. This means you don’t have to repay it.*

*The Higher Education course must be eligible for student finance. 

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The Student Perspective


On completion of my GCSEs, the prospect of cementing a career at such a young age seemed unnatural to me. After spending some years travelling, creeping closer to the big 3-0, I decided that I would like a career in chiropractics. It didn't take long to discover that in order to gain entry to university, I would need to complete further education.

As my gateway to university, the Access to Higher Education: Sport Science course at Chichester College has provided me with the fundamental knowledge and a broadened comprehension of modules including sport psychology, physiology, anatomy, and socio-cultural studies.

It is all thanks to the incredible knowledge, support, and guidance from the course leaders, that have now secured a place as a mature student to study Master of Chiropractic - Mchiro (Hons) at AECC University.
Megan JonesAccess to Sport Science