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Student life

More than an education, it’s a way of life

Student Life

Choosing Chichester College means you’ll be part of a vibrant community, and we encourage you to embrace college life to the fullest!


As a student at Chichester, you can join ChiSU – ran by students for students. It is really easy to get involved in and make your voice heard. There are loads of opportunities to enjoy days out, trips abroad and a huge range of activities to take part in.

Student Executive and Course Representatives

Every course at college has a Student Representative and it is a great role to take on, helping to ensure that you and the students you study with have the best possible experience while at college. Student Representatives are elected during week 3 on the academic year.

Student representatives can put themselves forward to become Student Executives, these are the student leaders of the college.

The Student Executives support the Student Union in organising and running events and charity fundraisers, share the views and opinions of their fellow student body and represent students at all levels within the college.

Chi Xtra

Once you are enrolled on your college course, you become an automatic member of the Students’ Union, providing you with access to all trips and events, including parties, days out to places like Thorpe Park and even trips abroad to exciting destinations like New York. We can even give you the opportunity to volunteer abroad; this year our students are volunteering in Kenya for the tenth year running.

We also run lots of events in college, like our Children in Need and Comic Relief charity events. Last year we raised over £4,000 for charity, which you can get involved with. In addition to this we have historically raised over £100,000 to build a school for underprivileged children in Kenya. There are a huge variety of activities for you to get involved in every day of the week, which are all part of our #GetSomeXtra program.

Our Campus

At our campus, you’ll be able to access a range of fantastic facilities to help you make the most of your time at college.

College Life


Throughout the year, the college organises pop-up awareness stands and events on the Chichester campus and we encourage all students to get involved.

Whether it’s Be Healthy Stay Safe Month, Mental Health Awareness Week, World Aids Day or Fairtrade Fortnight, there will be lots of information and free giveaways to get students inspired and engaged with the world around them.


Each September companies from across Chichester and Sussex to get involved with our fantastic Freshers’ events. All new and returning students are encouraged to attend, get some great discounts, bag some freebies and enter competitions to win some amazing prizes.


If you want to earn some extra cash while you study, a part-time job can be a great way to keep your social life on track while you get qualified. With the town centre so close by, there are loads of opportunities to work in retail or at one of the numerous cafes and restaurants.

If you’ve got a specific role in mind, or are looking for something to gain experience that complements your studies, try visiting the Progression+ Team at the Chichester campus. The specialist advisers are in contact with hundreds of local employers and can help you find and apply for your perfect job.


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