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The sciences are key to our understanding of the world around us, from the natural world and our impact on the environment to medical advancement and research.

Whether you want to help find the latest ground-breaking cure, save the environment or uncover evidence that’ll solve crimes, we have courses which will get you there.

STUDY Science

Studying in our well-equipped laboratories, you’ll learn and develop field, research and lab skills that build upon theory and advance your knowledge.


You’ll also have the chance to demonstrate your work at events throughout the year, including at our annual STEMfest exhibition where you’ll be able to inspire young children to find their passion for science.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our staff are highly talented, motivated and passionate about delivering our fascinating courses. Enjoy studying in our state-of-the-art laboratories, which provide you with an excellent environment to learn, leading to our consistently outstanding success rates.

Practical Sessions

You will learn through practical sessions, which help develop your analytical, mathematical and investigative skills. Additionally, you will expand your life skills, including problem solving and analysis, preparing you for all careers.


You will have opportunities to present work at events, including our annual STEMfest exhibition, where you’ll be able to inspire others to find their passions. These courses provide work experience opportunities and can lead to a range of jobs.

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