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Riverside Theatre Company

Riverside Theatre Company

Chichester College is proud to house the fantastic Riverside Theatre and Riverside Theatre Company – our in-house student performing arts company.

The Riverside Theatre Company was formed in 2017, originally created at Chichester College, as vehicle for students to create work for performance at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The company is formed of performers and production students, providing the opportunity to transfer the skills they have developed through their main courses of study, to one of the world’s most celebrated professional platforms.

Since 2017, the company has gone from strength to strength, striving in all aspects to include every member of the theatre community and display our creativity and passion for theatre. This year the company has welcomed students from Northbrook College, taking two shows including our first musical theatre showcase.

Edinburgh Fringe Productions

2023 – Alice’s Adventures
2022 – Grimm Tales
2022 – Trojan Women
2019 – Alice in Wonderland
2018 – The Jungle Book
2017 – Jason and the Golden Fleece

Don’t miss the Chichester Preview Shows

Before the talented Riverside Theatre Company take Alice’s Adventures to Edinburgh, we’re offering an exclusive opportunity to see the show first, at one of our special preview shows at the Riverside Theatre in June.

Book your tickets for our Chichester preview dates here:

2023 Edinburgh Fringe Production

Alice’s Adventures

Grown-ups are confusing, as are the rules of their world! In this family friendly reimagining of Lewis Carroll’s enduring tale Alice navigates the topsy-turvy world of wonderland.
Alice explores the strange, yet strangely familiar landscape encountering playing cards and chess queens, cats and caterpillars. Alice negotiates the curious customs of an unending tea-party and the strange expectations of flamingo croquet, but will she escape with her head intact? With all the much loved and colourful characters, dance and original song and live music, this is a show to capture the imagination of every child or anyone who was once one.

Venue: Greenside @ Nicolson Square
Show dates: 14-19 August 2023
Show times: 4.20pm
Duration: 55mins
Suitability: 3+ (5 and older)

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