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At Chichester College, our core focus is our students’ successes and how they develop in their studies.

Whether it is a BTEC, A-level, higher education course or even an apprenticeship, we strive on students’ achievements.

Our alumni stories and interviews are dedicated to showcasing triumphs and awards that have been achieved recently from our ever-growing pool of talented alumni.

Owner, Cedar's Luxuries

Cedar Andrews

Former Chichester College student, Cedar Andrews, shares how she transformed her business plan into a reality.

Having started her studies at Chichester College back in 2020, Cedar has gone from strength to strength and used her studies in her business A-level to launch her very own luxury beauty product business, Cedars Luxuries.

Offering a variety of products from luxury bath bombs, lip scrubs, wax melts and much more, Cedar shares with us just how her journey went from the beginning.

From student apprentice to Planning Officer

Benjamin Marshall

Hard work and dedication paid off for former student Benjamin Marshall, who has seen his career develop dramatically from his time at Chichester College, which started almost seven years ago.

After studying A-levels, he turned to a new Town Planning Apprenticeship to kick-start his career – and with the support of the staff on a well-developed apprenticeship programme, he was given the tools he needed to get to where he is today.

Now Benjamin stands proud as a planning officer for Guildford Borough Council, but it was not until he reflected on his studies that he realised just how far he has come.

From apprentice to Head Receptionist

Barbara Cairns

Years of hard work, relationship-building and extra studies enabled head receptionist, Barbara Cairns to not only develop her career, but welcome a new lease of confidence to her day-to-day life.

More than five years ago, Barbara took on a level 2 Team Leading apprenticeship at Chichester College as she knew this is how she could work her way up the college career ladder.

And her decision has paid off – helping her to progress into the role of head receptionist.

Barbara said: “At the time, I knew my supervisor on reception was due to leave and I was determined to fill this role so I decided to do anything that I could to upskill and further my knowledge to get the opportunity.”

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