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Level 3

A Level Law


A Level Law, AQA specification, covers the following areas: the English Legal System, the theory of Law, Criminal Law, Tort Law and Contract Law. You will achieve this by considering the subject through the eyes of a lawyer, judge, police officer and prosecutor. It is an examination based subject with three ‘end of syllabus’ exams, which are 2 hours long. Questions vary in the depth of answer required but build up to long essay questions. All answers require considerable knowledge of fact, statutes and cases, together with analysis and evaluation.


5 GCSEs grade 9-4 including English and Maths. English Language must be at least grade 5. You will need determination and a desire to work hard, particularly on your writing skills. You will also be required to complete a GCSE to A Level Transition Project, prior to enrolment, to prepare you for A Level Law.


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