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Level 3

Craft Carpentry and Joinery (Architectural Joiner) L3 Apprenticeship Standard


The course is delivered in the college and workplace. It comprises of a college-based training plan at an advanced level, so that you can develop your ability to undertake complex job tasks, requiring high levels of practical skills and knowledge, in addition to managing your own work and potentially leading small teams. This is a core and options apprenticeship, with two pathways:

Pathway 1: An Advanced Site Carpenter will normally work on a building site, or in domestic and commercial premises, preparing and installing complex and often bespoke building components e.g. high quality doors, shaped linings, staircases with turns, complex wall and floor units, erecting bespoke structural carpentry (inclined roofs and joists) and erecting complex roof structures (e.g. inclined roofs with hips, valleys and dormers). Pathway 2: An Advanced Architectural Joiner will normally be employed in a workshop, producing complex building components by setting out, marking out and manufacturing bespoke architectural products (e.g. doors, windows, staircases with turns and panelling/cladding).

The training programme for a Pathway 2 – Advanced Architectural Joiner

The training programme will help you develop an understanding of, and ability to use, advance trade skills and concepts, so that you can work to a highly skilled standard. You will learn how to tackle complex site and workplace dimensions, understand how to form and proportion advanced wood joints and how to set up, use and maintaining fixed machinery.

The apprenticeship will develop your ability to utilise advanced trade skills. You will be able to set out complex work tasks for projects such as complex doors, staircases, and windows. You will learn about marking out accurately, manufacturing complex and non-standard products, and using the associated equipment for advanced work.

Further Information

The structure of our programmes follows clear educational aims that are expected from the awarding bodies. These are all outlined in the programme specifications which include further details such as the learning outcomes. You can find out more by visiting the Institute of Apprenticeships website –

For further information, please contact our apprenticeship team via email –


Apprentices will need to have a contract of employment and you are completing relevant carpentry and joinery tasks.

Level 3 advanced apprentices will typically have progressed from a level two apprenticeship, or be able to demonstrate relevant knowledge, skills and competency levels previously gained from a level two course.

We will hold a professional discussion at interview to determine your suitability for the apprenticeship.


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