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Level 1

Construction Skills – Level 1 Extended Certificate (Brickwork, Carpentry & Joinery, Electrical and Plumbing)


The construction skills course is our most popular course within the construction department and is our go-to level one course for learners who want to learn about construction. It introduces you to the sector and the different trade or building service roles that exist.

You may want to taste several different areas to develop a broad range of skills and find what area you are most interested in pursuing. Our multi-skills route (apply button 1) will see you taste brickwork, carpentry & joinery, plumbing and electrical.

Alternatively, you may already have an idea on what you want to focus on. If so, you can pursue a narrower focus and study the construction skills essentials alongside a particular trade, whether that is brickwork, carpentry & joinery, plumbing or electrical. Please select the relevant apply buttons from 2 – 5

You will also complete some project work, which will help you to develop your interpersonal and communication skills. This will allow you to combine your vocational and theory skills to extend your learning and prepare you for your second year at College when you take on a more advanced course.

If you are joining this course without your GCSE English or Maths at grades 4, you will also be timetabled to attend lessons for Maths and/or English. Achieving your GCSEs in these two subjects is critical to help you with your progression.

Qualification body and programme

The structure of our programmes follows clear educational aims that are expected from the awarding bodies. These are all outlined in the programme specifications which include further details such as the learning outcomes.

You can find out more by visiting the City & Guilds website –

Please note that whilst we are planning to run the required modules in the following academic year, there may be changes to the curriculum in response to COVID-19 or updates from the awarding bodies.



There are 5 ‘APPLY’ buttons in the list above. Please select the appropriate ‘APPLY’ button for the route that you would prefer to join.

1. Construction Skills – Multi-trades ’round-robin’ route

2. Construction Skills – Brickwork route

3. Construction Skills – Carpentry route

4. Construction skills – Plumbing route

5. Construction Skills – Electrical route

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification. This is our entry level course designed for learners who are interested in construction and need to improve their Maths / English abilities.

A positive attitude, enthusiasm towards learning and attendance is important. Your progress will be reviewed regularly throughout the year.

Admissions enquiries

If you have any questions about the entry requirements or the application process, please contact us on


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