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Chichester College Esports team raise money for cancer charity  

24 May 2024

Esports students in actionChichester College Level 3 Esports students organised and took part in a two-day charitable gaming event this week, raising more than £300 for a cancer charity.  

Esports team, Chi Cobras played the event throughout Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 May, as a part of their live streamed broadcasting unit, while also raising donations for Gamers Beat Cancer, a charity dedicated to support people beat cancer and the mental health issues that come with living with it. 

The charity was set up by founder Steven Bracewell who was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia. On his road to recovery, he used video games as a way of help to feel ‘normal’ and served as distraction. 

Chi Cobras played a mixture of simulation, RPGs and first-person shooter games live on Twitch from 9am until 7pm, with donations going through Tiltify. 

Mathew Williams computing and IT lecturer, said: “The Esports students have worked very hard in submitting their final for the live streamed broadcasting unit this week, while also managing to raise a total of £325 to the charity Gamers Beat Cancer.  

“The charity looks to provide those who are struggling with treatment gaming related products, which as resonated with many of the students in the course. We are very proud of the students for showing a huge passion for helping others and showing a strong dedication to their coursework!” 

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