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Chichester College Esports students host two-day gaming competition 

16 May 2024

Esports students in actionStudents from Chichester College organised a Demo Esports Tournament last month, with six teams competing for the top spot.

Esports level 3 students planned, staged and managed the event, while teams including HSDC, Halesowen College, Queen Mary’s College and Northbrook College all took part in the competition, which was live streamed on Twitch. 

The event, which took place on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 April, provided students with an opportunity to turn their passion for gaming into something more.  

The ‘Rocket League’ competition provided a platform for players to demonstrate their skills, while raising the Esports profile both in and around the South Coast. 

Ashthwaites, Esports level 3 student, said: “It definitely spreads Esports around the south of the UK as it’s not really big right now, so we’re trying to make it bigger, and by doing this it gets other colleges involve while getting teams shown on Livestream and improves what we know in Esports.” 

Computing and IT lecturer, Matt Creed said: “The Demo is the first time we as a college have hosted a live Esports event. This is an event planned, staged and managed by the students as part of their Esports Event unit.  

“While daunting at first, the students really came together and provided a great experience for all involved. It was a great way to show off their skills and what they have learnt over the last 2 years.  

“All in all, the student’s efforts made the event a success – providing the opportunity for people to turn their passion for gaming into something just a little bit more. Personally, I am very proud of what they achieved during the event and hope to see a new cohort bring it to life again next year.” 

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