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Student lands first acting role ahead of university plans

16 November 2023

A Chichester College student has thanked staff for their support in landing a professional acting role, as well as helping with his plans to apply for university after graduation.

Level 3 Creative Media student, James England starred in his first acting role with Goodwood Actors Guild, a community of actors who provide theatrical performances at Goodwood’s social events such as Goodwood Revival and the Festival of Speed. 

The 20-year-old, who has autism, has been studying acting and creative media at Chichester College since 2019 and has used the facilities to his full advantage during his studies. 

James said: “I had a meeting with Nicola in Progression Plus in the summer holidays and she found me some acting jobs. I was really proud of myself for finally achieving professional acting as a beginner. It gives me good experience for the future. 

“My mum and dad are really proud. They didn’t think I’d get it and they were really surprised.”

James is now looking to apply for university after he completes a level 4 acting course at Chichester College next year.

He said: “I’m now looking to go to university in 2025. I want to try the University of Chichester because it’s local. I’m looking at doing a voice acting course there.

Acting is creative. There’s no exams or pressure and it makes you have more friends, and you can be in as many plays as you like.”

“Chichester College has really helped my dreams because I never thought I’d achieve them, but I am now and a lot of it has do to with the college supporting me with opportunities.”

James has a five-year-plan, where he will study Level 4 acting at Chichester College, study a voice acting course at university and apply for professional acting work at the BBC or Big Finish. 

Rachel Welch, Senior Student Experience Champion in the Progression Plus team at Chichester College, said: “James has accessed support with Progression Plus throughout his journey at college, always enthusiastic and determined to achieve his best, he is a pleasure to work with. 

“James has worked hard to prepare himself well for his next steps and dream career within acting. I know James will succeed and we look forward to hearing of his progress”.

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