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If you’ve visited Chichester College recently, you may have received a rather colourful welcome!

The college’s level 2 art & design students recently designed and painted a full-size mural across a large wall on one of the campus’ many buildings.

They collaborated with renowned street artist Trafford Parsons to bring their ideas to fruition and create a message of inclusivity to all who visit the college.

Lecturer Chris Tanner said: “This was a fantastic project which gave our students the opportunity to brighten up what was a sad, unloved looking building.

“The mural is one of the first things people see when they walk up into the college from the main car park, and I think what the students have done is just brilliant.

“It’s colourful and it makes people smile. I hope it makes people feel welcomed, seeing that Chichester College is incredibly inclusive in all that we do.

“And this mural is proof of that. It was made by level 2 art & design students, who wouldn’t normally have an opportunity like this,

“Lots of students submitted designs, and we whittled it down to five winning designs – taking elements from each and bringing them together to create a message of inclusivity, using the colours of the Pride flag.

“The project also taught the students soft skills too, such as team work, organisation and time management – so they’ve had that enrichment too.”

Trafford Parsons spent a week with the students, helping them transfer their designs from paper to brick.

He was full of praise for the students’ enthusiasm. He added: “The students were very clear that they wanted to show that everyone was welcome, and they wanted this mural to talk to everyone.

“It’s got a lot of joy in it and that’s down to the young people. They had a fantastic energy and it was great to be taken back to the beginning with them.

“You see the world through new eyes again. It’s been an enriching project for me, as much as it has the young people.”

And one of the student artists – Chloe – said she couldn’t agree more. She said: “I’ve loved it. It’s been a lot of fun and it’s great to see the mural here, every day.

“It’s just a message to show that everyone is welcoming here, no matter who they are.”

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