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CSI: College! Chichester College students enjoy forensic masterclasses

14 June 2021

Chichester College students became crime scene investigators for the day.

Computing and science students enjoyed a forensics crossover experience recently, and were joined by experts from Sussex Police and SEROCU (South East Regional Organised Crime Unit).

After coming together for a special talk by SEROCU officers, detailing the work they do to prevent and investigate cybercrime.

They then split into smaller groups to attend different forensic sessions, each focused on different types of ‘wet’ forensics (such as finger printing, blood typing and testing for gunshot residue) and digital forensics, including running systems analysis with specialist software and steganography (covert communication) techniques.

All of the activities were designed to enable to students to ‘have a go’ themselves and carry out practical investigations.

Sophie, who is studying forensic investigation at Chichester College and has applied for a Police Constable Digital Apprenticeship with Sussex Police, said: “It was both educational and fun. We learnt so much.

“We all really enjoyed doing it and getting to meet new people too.”

Elaine Johnston, Deputy Head of Learning for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) at Chichester College, helped to organise the day. She said: “We had a fantastic day of learning, and it was great to see the students working together after such a challenging year.

“They were really pushed to think in different ways, and they rose to the occasion.

“It was eye-opening for them to hear from the team at SEROCU and to find out about the work they do first hand – they were fantastic.”

Detective Sergeant Andy Rawlinson from SEROCU’s Cyber Protect & Cyber Choices team, added: “It was fantastic to see Chichester College’s students in action and we are thrilled to be able to support them.

“The Digital Forensics Team and Cyber Protect & Cyber Choices team were full of praise of the students and their insightful questions, enthusiasm and the innovation they demonstrated.

“SEROCU has been working closely in partnership with the Chichester College Group for a number of years and their assistance led to the creation of our award-winning Key Stage 3 school lesson plan on cybercrime. We are very grateful to them for their continued support.”

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