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Lighting loan helps to illuminate college theatre

17 December 2020

A theatre lighting company is helping students at Chichester College to develop their skills.

TSL Lighting loaned the college eight sets of specialist lighting equipment, which theatre production students will use to help them develop an understanding of the relationship between sound and light.

The students, working collaboratively in groups, will be creating a special three minute ‘Son et Lumiere’ performance in college’s Riverside Theatre, setting contrasting pieces of music to a programmed light show which compliments the compositions they have chosen.

Projection imagery and practical props will also form part of their production, which sees year 2 students taking the creative lead and direction with year 1 students working as general technicians.

Sally Garner-Gibbons, Deputy Head of Learning for Performing Arts at Chichester College, said: “This is a fantastic assignment which will give the students an insight into the roles of lighting effects designers, sound editors and technicians in theatrical production.

“As a collaborative project, they’ll also develop their personal skills as well as grow their technical knowledge.

“Lighting is a crucial part of the project and any stage performance – it sets scenes, creates atmospheres and helps transport the audience into believing in what they are seeing. It can make or break performances, and that’s why we’re so grateful to John and the team at TSL Lighting for their generosity.

“For the students to be able to learn using professional equipment and lighting rigs is absolutely vital, and the equipment they have lent will give the students the opportunity to really expand their projects and bring new dimensions to test their imagination and creativity.” 

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