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Level 4+

Surveying, Measuring and Digital Applications in Construction – EDX L4 Units


Open to those working in the construction industry, especially those who are new to a role such as site supervisors, surveyors, and building designers. This course will help candidates to develop skills to help them understand, undertake Surveying, measuring and apply digital applications in construction.
You will develop knowledge and skills in:
  • Basic land surveying and techniques,
  • Development of industry standard information using REVIT,
  • Gain an understanding of importance of accuracy at this stage of a project to ensure quality.
Developed to meet needs of local employers as identified in the most recent Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP).
This module has been made available as part of a Department for Education pilot scheme.
This course will also enable learners to understand what it is like to study at level 4.
As part of this module you will study the following units:
Unit 6:Digital Applications for Construction Information (15 credits at level 4)
• LO1 Discuss the key types of construction information that may be produced in support of construction projects.
• LO2 Demonstrate the use of project standards and their setup in digital applications.
• LO3 Generate construction information for a given project using industry-standard digital applications.
• LO4 Present a package of construction information, including drawings, schedules and specifications for a given construction project.
Unit 7:Surveying, Measuring & Setting-out (15 credits at level 4)
• LO1 Explain the methods and technologies used in surveying for construction.
• LO2 Undertake a closed levelling and stages of a closed 2D traverse survey to establish station coordinates for horizontal and vertical control.
• LO3 Apply industry-standard techniques in the collection of survey data and setting out the coordinates of construction elements.
• LO4 Explore the causes of errors and techniques to improve accuracy in surveying and setting out.
The units can be used in the future to claim towards a full Pearson BTEC Higher National Certificate in Construction Management for England (Construction Site Supervisor)
Course delivery dates are to be confirmed. This will be a delivered as a twilight session. 1 day per week.
For Further information please email Mo Toft- – 0771 758 1959 (Monday to Thursday)


This course is open to those working in the construction industry. It is aimed at those who are new in position such as site supervisors, early career surveyors, and designers.
Learners must be over 19.
Learners must not be on another funded study programme at any point of this course duration.
Due to the academic element of this course it is expected that you have a high level of literacy, and ideally at least a level 3 qualification or relevant industry experience.
For Further information please email Mo Toft- – 0771 758 1959 (Monday to Thursday)


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