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Japanese Improvers


The main aim of Intermediate Japanese is to continue to develop your knowledge of Japanese language, culture, etiquette and traditions.

To join this course you will have studied our Japanese Beginners course (or equivalent). You will need to have some basic knowledge of Japanese; grammar; numbers, greetings, some essential beginners’; level of nouns and the grammar (A wa B desu.) Examples of topics covered during this course:

  • Learning Essential verbs for daily conversation
  • Learning more grammars to facilitate verbs.
  • Learning adjectives
  • Cultures and traditions

This course starts on Monday 23 September 2024 (19:00 – 21:00)

Please note: this course does not run in the college half term or end of term breaks.


This course if for learners who have studied a beginner’;s course or who have studied Lesson 1 – Lesson 10 from “Japanese for Busy People 1”.


Our range of leisure and hobby courses keeps growing, with even more fun and exciting courses starting throughout 2024.

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