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French Improvers


Our French Improvers course is for you if you have already completed a year of previous study of the language in an adult setting. The main aim of this course is to consolidate your use of basic language structures and vocabulary by, for example, practising talking about the past and future in French. You will also learn more about French culture and history. We will spend a lot of time on oral work, so you will have plenty of opportunity to speak French in class. The course will build on your previous study and provide a sound grounding for further studies.

You will revise and consolidate your prior knowledge of the language and will continue to learn to communicate effectively in everyday situations using all four language skills: speaking, writing, listening and reading.

Examples of topics covered during this course.

  • Talking about personal information
  • Talking about and ordering food and drink
  • Taking part in small group discussions
  • Everyday French life and customs and culture
  • The main verb tenses in French, including the present, the past and the present.

On this 20 week part-time course you will have ample opportunity to learn to deal with authentic situations that you might realistically encounter whilst travelling in France or French speaking countries, for pleasure or when meeting French people.

This course starts on Thursday 26 September 2024 (19:00 – 21:00)

Please note this course does not run in the college half term or end of term breaks.


Our French Improvers class is for you if you have already studied the language for a year in an adult setting.


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