+44 (0) 1243 773533

The International student EMERGENCY number is available for all current International Chichester College students 24 hours a day. For EMERGENCIES only please contact: 01243 773533


Chichester College wants you to be able to come and study with us. If you are an international student, a UK student Visa will be the most important thing for you to arrange.


When you have been accepted at Chichester College we will provide you with the relevant documents you need for a Visa application.  To make sure that your Visa application goes through in time please apply early.


Our College complies fully with the UKV&I (UK Visa & Immigration) guidelines for UK student Visas. On this site you will be able to find out whether a UK student Visa is applicable to you. You can also visit the UK Visas & Imimigration Website  for information about study visas.

Tier 4 Sponsor

Chichester College maintains it’s rating on the Tier 4 list of Register of Sponsors. Thanks to this rating you know that Chichester College is a good sponsor for any international student.

You are strongly advised to check the VSF Global Web site in your country for up-to-date Visa application procedures and the address of the application centre in your country. This site is dedicated to the administration of Visa applications. You can find out all the information you need from this Web site and your own country’s Visa Web site will be linked through here. They will help you to apply for your student Visa easily so you can come and study in the UK.

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