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Start up a career in this ever-changing industry.

Our computing & IT courses will teach you all you need to know bout the industry and the fundamental skills you need.

There is always a high demand for competent IT technicians in this rapidly developing industry. Whether you work as a network engineer, computer games developer or a web developer, a wide range of different sectors awaits.

You’ll have the opportunity to work within a setting that is fully equipped for the current IT climate, working with our modern computer suites and technologies.

You will gain transferable skills such as communication, time management, creativity, critical thinking and technological skills.


Our Facilities Computing and IT

Current and Relevant Topics

Benefit from tutor-led class time from our friendly and approachable staff, learning many modern topics, including Gamification, VR and AR technologies and software prototyping. We pride these courses on ‘doing’ rather than ‘listening’ , along with flexible assessments.

Modern Facilities

Work within a fully equipped setting for the current IT climate, working with our modern computer suites, using modern technologies. Our small team of specialists focus all their efforts on ensuring you learn the most relevant and up to date skills, supplying all required equipment.

Demand for Specialists

There is always high demand for competent IT technicians, in this rapidly developing industry. Our courses will give you the tools to succeed in whatever career you choose. To prepare you, we recommend students undertake work experience outside of college, ideally in the computing industry.

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