Community Scorecard - Employers

Aug 27, 2021, 09:09 AM
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What work do we do with our employers?

Community Scorecard - Green Rating

Chichester College has been working with employers for many years. Most of the local employers are small to medium sized enterprises or home workers. 1,000 local companies work with the College, the most significant proportion in Horticulture, Construction, Retail, Business Services, Manufacturing, Public Sector and Personal Services.

Our training courses

Community Scorecard - Green Rating

Many people from local businesses accessed our training courses in 2020. Of these, a number are continuing their professional training through our Business and Management department. In addition, we deliver bespoke courses to local businesses on their premises.

Our Apprentices

Community Scorecard - Green Rating

The number of apprentices at Chichester College has grown.

Graph of Average numbers of Apprentices in learning per academic year:

employer 2020 graph 1

What work do we do with employers?

Community Scorecard - Amber Rating

It is vital that we provide a high quality service to all our employers which enables them to add value to their businesses.

We only have the results of the Government’s employer satisfaction survey 2019 for the whole Chichester College Group and this survey was not run in 2020:

  • 83% would recommend Chichester College Group as their training provider. This shows a considerable improvement from the 2018 survey.
  • A significant increase in satisfaction from the previous year.