Student Services


Lots can happen during your time at college and that’s why our Student Services team is on hand to advise and support you.

Student Tutors

Our student tutors are here to support you throughout your time at college, and will play a key role in your study programme.

Every student, aged 16-19, has a student tutor and you will meet with them regularly. Through personal one-to-one discussions, tutors can monitor your progress, track your achievements, support attendance and set targets which will ensure you achieve your goals.

We know there are many factors that can affect you during your time at college. Our student tutors will work with you and help you through the challenges which may impact on your journey. They will offer intensive support to students who are identified as being ‘at risk’ of not achieving their qualification. This is tailored support, which seeks to remove barriers you may face with the aim to help you get back on track to completing your course successfully.

If you are aged 19 or over, you will be offered support and access to student tutoring.

ACES programme

Our unique ACES (Attitude, Choices, Employability and Skills) programme has been developed to cultivate your development and will be tailored to you, as an individual.

Delivered by our student tutors through a series of interactive workshops, it will guide you through your college journey as well as inspire and inform your future. It will cover a range of topical discussions, including environmental issues, relationships, respect and tolerance, personal wellbeing and social media. They will also work with you to cement your professional development.

Our mission is to prepare and inspire you to be a global citizen, curious about your world and ready to embrace your future.


Are you or is someone you know at risk of harm? Do you need help to keep yourself or someone else safe?

Find out contact details of the college's Safeguarding team and other agencies on our Safeguarding page.



The counselling team offers a confidential, free service to all students at the college. Our fully qualified counsellors can provide specialised support for those times when life can be hard to manage due to personal reasons, or when studying becomes a challenge.

You can contact the team on 01243 781424.

Additional Support

Working closely with our Additional Support team, we can help develop a specific support programme tailored to your needs. This may include in or out-of-class support with literacy, numeracy or study skills, as well as other adjustments.

In addition, to meet the growing needs of our nation's Children and Young People, Chichester College Group has been part of a group pioneering a UK-wide directory of qualified Children and Young people counsellors and therapists with TAC Access. Our students can use this exciting and powerful tool to select a professional they would like to work with either face-to-face or online. 

Please note, funding for this service will need to come from external funds, e.g. parent/carer. 

Financial Support

If you are experiencing difficulties with fees or other costs associated with study, please contact a member of the Student Services team who will be able to assess if you are eligible for support.

You can find out more information about finance on our Financial Support page