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Visas and Brexit

When you have been accepted at Chichester College we will provide you with the relevant documents you need for a visa application. To make sure that your visa application goes through in time please apply early.

Immigration Health Surcharge

You will be required to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge as part of your visa application. Failure to pay the surcharge, if you are required to do so, will result in the visa being refused.

If you are an ‘overseas visitor’ and are not in one of the groups who are exempt from paying fees, you will be charged a high rate for any hospital treatment you receive (150% of the usual ‘tariff’). You should make sure you have private health insurance from the beginning of your stay.

If you are using the six-month ‘student visitor’ route or the six-month ‘short-term student’ route you should make sure you have private health insurance from the beginning of your stay. 

If you are using the 11-month ‘student visitor’ route or the 11-month ‘short-term student’ route and you were not asked to pay the immigration health surcharge when you made your entry clearance application, then you will be entitled to free hospital treatment. This is because the government has temporarily ‘waived’ the immigration health surcharge for your group. Please note that at some point in the future, anyone applying for entry clearance as an 11-month ‘short-term student’ will be asked to pay the immigration health surcharge when they make their entry clearance application.

Brexit: immigration, fees and support for when you arrive

Chichester College Group is member of UKCISA – The UK Council for International Affairs. For up to date information on Brexit, and how this may affect you, please see the information on the UKCISA website through the following link:–Advice/EU-EEA–Swiss-Students/Brexit-immigration-fees-and-student-support-for-when-you-arrive

For up to date visa information for EU students planning to study in the UK from January 2021, please follow this link:

Download our Brexit FAQs to EU students document below:


Chichester College complies fully with the UKV&I (UK Visa & Immigration) guidelines for UK Student Visas. On this site you will be able to find out whether a UK Student Visa is applicable to you. You can also visit the UK Visas & Immigration website for information about study visas.

Biometric Residence Permit

All International students from 31st July 2015, on courses of longer than six months will be required to collect a BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) card within 10 days of arrival in the UK. As of 6th June Chichester College has been designated as an Alternative Location for BRP collection.

*Please make sure that you enter the ACL code – 2FE232 – to request that your BRP card is delivered direct to the college. This is done as part of the on-line visa application and should be added to the “Biometric Residence Permit Collection” page of the visa application.

Tier 4 Sponsor

Chichester College maintains its rating on the Tier 4 list of Register of Sponsors. Thanks to this rating you know that Chichester College is a good sponsor for any international student.

Travelling to the UK

Please make sure that you bring your Decision Letter to the UK, as you will need this, and your passport to gain entry to the UK on arrival. This letter will also contain the information we will need to assist you in collecting your BRP card. You will be given information on arrival during the Induction presentation regarding how to collect your BRP card. You are strongly advised to check the VFS Global website in your country for up-to-date visa application procedures and the address of the application centre in your country. This site is dedicated to the administration of visa applications. You can find out all the information you need from this website and your own country’s visa website will be linked through here. They will help you to apply for your student visa easily so you can come and study in the UK.

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