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Level 3

CIPD L7 Adv Dip in Strategic Learning & Development


Dates: Week of 10 September 2024 or 14 January 2025 or 22 April 2025.

Year One – Tuesdays 1.30pm-9.00pm Year Two – Mondays 1.30pm-9.00pm

This qualification galvanises learners with a depth and breadth of understanding of learning and development, people practice and management to furnish them with the insight and strategy development skills required to operate and lead in an organisational setting at this level.

It is suited to individuals who:

  • are experienced learning and development practitioner
  • are working in a senior L&D/people practice role and wish to extend and deepen their skills and understanding to shape strategy, policy and people
  • wish to shape L&D practice, creating value for a wider audience
  • are currently leading and managing people and practice within organisations.

Four core units


Unit title


Work and working lives in a changing business environment

This unit extends understanding of the interaction between the commercial business environment and likely future developments in the world of work, employment and the management of people. It discusses the range of people practices that are growing in importance, including those relating to ethics and sustainability, employee wellbeing, equality, diversity and inclusion.


People management and development strategies for performance

This unit focuses on the importance of evidence-based, outcomes-driven and principles-led practice in support of the core purpose of the people profession. It explores how people professionals create value and deliver outcomes for organisations and employees, and how contributing to the achievement of business objectives improves performance and enhances the employee experience. It also focuses on the need for policy and practice to be delivered coherently, in a way that is integrated and in line with organisational objectives.


Personal effectiveness, ethics and business acumen

This unit is about supporting successful workers and promoting effective and ethical behaviours to champion better work and working lives and develop business acumen. The theories and concepts that underpin this subject are essential for promoting inclusiveness and influencing others through fair and transparent behaviours. Through core skillsets such as perception, critical thinking, communication and teamwork, this unit will promote understanding of how actions and inclusive behaviour impact on ethics and the organisation.


Business research in people practice

This unit contains the components to enable a systematic approach to define, design and undertake a business research project in people practice. It focuses on developing ability to produce an integrated report based on evidence and to include own recommendations and critical reflection.

Plus three specialist units


Unit title


Organisational design and development

This unit focuses on the principles of organisational design and development to achieve strategic goals and support organisational success. It examines the impact of change on organisational forms and deliberates the process of change through which adaptations are made to the ways in which structure, process and people work; the success of each is dependent on each other. It also examines the impact of change on working lives and the strategies for engaging employees and wider stakeholders in successful implementation. The unit also encourages reflection on the personal skills, techniques and behaviour that support effective organisational design and development work.


Leadership and management development in context

This unit focuses on the distinction between leaders and managers, including how these roles adjust in different contexts. It considers the full range of development interventions to ensure effective impact and how to use learning analytics to capture robust measures that contribute to organisational success. It covers the importance of appraising the complexities of leadership and management development in an international context


Designing learning to improve performance

This unit focuses on the significance of learning design and delivery considering the organisational context and the needs to be addressed. It explores the theories and models of learning design, both traditional and contemporary, the range of delivery modes and the impact of the learning experience on the transfer of learning into the organisation. It considers the importance of analysing data from learning interventions resulting in meaningful and purposeful learning design.

Plus one additional specialist unit


Unit title


Technology Enhanced

This unit considers the role of technology within learning and the use of technology-enabled content and platforms within organisations. It focuses on how data and learning analytics may be utilised by the learning and development function, while exploring the implementation of technological systems and considering the potential barriers to success.

You will review the diverse range of technologies within learning and development, including a variety of technological platforms. You will analyse how technology enhanced learning methods are used in design, development, impact measurement and assessment. The impact of learning media will be reviewed along with evaluation of how organisations blend technological and non-technological approaches to learning. Additionally, you will discuss organisational barriers to learning technologies and how these can be mitigated. Finally, you will examine learning analytics and the merits of data in improving the effectiveness of learning provision, including the importance of data protection regulation

This is the new CIPD qualification introduced in 2021. Based on the new Profession Map, the qualifications focus on the knowledge and behaviours required to create value and make an impact in the changing world of work.


As a learning and development (L&D) specialist, at different levels your role will be to help organisations execute their business strategy by aligning learning, training and development of its people with business priorities. L&D roles will depend on the type and size of the organisation.

The course is for those presently working in L&D and is suited to individuals who have

  • CIPD Level 5 and several years L&D experience.
  • a Degree and several years L&D experience
  • are working in a senior learning and development role and wish to extend and deepen their skills and understanding to shape learning and development in people within their organisation


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