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Look through the courses to find the one that you are interested in, or use the search box.  Each course gives you the option to either Apply or Buy Now, depending on whether we need to meet you as part of your application. Select the Apply/Buy Now button and complete the application form. The form gives the option to tell us which academic year you are applying for and also to add any other courses you are interested in.

ESF Co-Financing

European Union European Social FundYour course may be co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF). The ESF aims to improve employment opportunities in the European Union (EU). It supports Member States’ employment and skills policies and contributes to the Europe 2020 strategy for jobs and growth.


Downloadable Prospectuses and Course Directories

Download the 15/16 Full Time Courses Prospectus.

Full Time Prospectus 15-16

Download the 14-15 Part-time Courses Directory:

Part Time Courses Directory 14-15

Download the 2014-15 Adult Education Classes Brochure:

Courses for Leisure and Pleasure 2014-15 

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