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Rock Studios

Classes start back Saturday 20th September 2014

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About the Rock Studios

An exciting collaboration between the Brighton Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) and Chichester College, the Rock Studios places emphasis on the aspects of live performance. Students have weekly opportunities to develop their skills in a setting that values teamwork and communication, along with instrument-specific techniques.

Before Rock Studios I had never even picked up a guitar, now it’s one of the things I enjoy most in life

 Jessie, age 14

At the Rock Studios, we aim to develop our students’ musical skills by providing a safe and energetic environment, working with a team of experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers who are performing musicians themselves.
From live performance to songwriting or music production, we provide the students with varied ways to demonstrate their musical abilities, and experiment with different instruments or techniques. All our students improve at an incredible rate, and have fun in the process!

It’s a place to make great music with great friends

Ethan, age 12

Because of our close relationship with BIMM and Chichester College, we are able to prepare our students thoroughly, should they wish to progress to Further and Higher Education at these institutions. We’ve had several 16 to 18 year old students who have already decided to do so!
We offer recommendations and preparation for interviews or assessments, along with any additional support students may require in order to feel confident in their abilities to succeed in courses up to and including BA (Hons) degree in Professional Musicianship.

We also provide specific workshops and private tuition within areas such as Songwriting, Music Production and Recording – our experienced and qualified team of excellent teachers are able to provide the support our students need to continue developing their skills with confidence.

The tutors help you to grow and develop skills musically, and give you experience and opportunities you won’t find anywhere else

Rosie, aged 15

At the Rock Studios, we are completely committed to excellent teaching, and providing our students with an environment that is supportive, challenging and enthusiastic. We aim to explore the wonders of live performance – and rock out!

Rock Studios - unlocking potential and spirit through music

Luc, age 13

Rock School

Students will be encouraged to undertake Rock school examinations at an appropriate level under the guidance of the teaching staff and in agreement with the individual student.


Situated in the Performing Arts block (D block) at the Chichester Campus we offer lessons delivered by qualified, experienced, enthusiastic teaching staff in fully equipped studios. Parking facilities are excellent (and free on a Saturday) and parents could take advantage of the on-site Chichester College Sports Centre with its state of the art gym. Historic Chichester, ideal for shopping and leisure, is less than 10 minutes walk from the College.